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24th-Dec-2012 02:36 pm - Merry Christmas
Crazy Town ♥
Merry Christmas ya'll!!!
18th-Jun-2012 12:15 pm - ☮ ❤ TEAM SARAH
Crazy Town ♥
Originally posted by little_m0ments at ☮ ❤ TEAM SARAH
Originally posted by hismrs at ☮ ❤ TEAM SARAH

For $10.00 you can help save a life. For some money is tight,so spreading
the word is FREE OF CHARGE! Team Sarah has decided to join in on the fight
against cancer! In lieu of Sarah's new diagnoses,costs arise that her little
family of four wasn't prepared for. To help ease the burden,we're raising money.

What does $10 buy you,you ask? A little of EVERYTHING!
[info]nemama86 - 5 icons & 1 graphic

[info]christie - 5 gallery icons

[info]little_m0ments - 3 Icons

[info]paurbaby -10 gallery graphics or a "summer of loved" Your Choice

[info]tragic_eyes88 -5 Blinkies

[info]tarakins42 -5 Blinkies

[info]classywife05 -4 Custom Icons

[info]erikatxgurl85 -UnKnown as of right now

[info]godlessgoddess9 - five pre-made icons

[info]uhmanduh523 - 4 premade sigtags

[info]monika_nicole - 5 gallery items

[info]lanbelle - 5 blinkies

[info]daintea - Unknown as of right now

[info]satire - 2 icons, and 3 sig tags

[info]heiress - 5 custom icons

[info]tnb310 - 5 blinkies

Sarah is a mother of two.
She has a toddler and a (almost) new newborn (5 months is still a newborn in Amanda-world ha ha).
Sarah had begun to feel something was wrong with her body. Her doctors passed it off.
Sarah kept pushing for an answer. She finally got one.
Breast Cancer. One of the scariest words in our vocabulary.
Now Sarah needs help. $$ is tight on a household of four.
She's trying to pay her way to beat cancer. We're holding a fundraiser
to assist her in this fight of her life. We're asking you to find it in your heart
to help Sarah BEAT cancer! It's such a small price in the grand scheme.
Some AMAZING designers are getting together to benefit this as well!

visit the link for more information & access to goodies!
PLEASE PLEASE,if you have the money to spare, PLEASE spare it!
If you don't I understand,but you can ALWAYS pass this, FOR FREE,
to someone else who MAY have it. We women have to stick together to find a cure!

Ps Stole from Natalie who snagged from Amanda!
3rd-Jan-2012 05:51 pm - Bless your heart
Crazy Town ♥

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